Friday, December 5, 2014

photo post - Pho Sizzle and city chic

Not a review, just an initial thoughts post about my Pho Sizzle haul and some changeroom fun at the Campbelltown clearance store.

The weather was swinging between super hot.. (I gave myself heat stroke two days ago) and super wet with lightning and thunder. I revel in thunderstorms, I gain som much from the raw power of mother nature.. I feel alive and happy. Thats another story... All this means I haven't been ourtside to model my pho Sizzle pretties..
Below that.. I hiked up to the clearance store to do $400 in returns only to be sucked in to the vortex that having a personal shopper does to a girl. I was retrainted of sorts nut left with no money returned.. HA. Wat to go manager!!! I love her. I really do. She is simply a delight to deal with.

OK first off Pho Sizzle!!

I love them all

City Chic, First I received three satchels.. 

As you can see seveal pieces just didn't fit or suit. I did want to keep the dominatrix stuff but it needs altering and I don't pay full price to alter clothes.

SOO at the clearance store.. I spend two hours with the lovely manager.

I did want the red maxi but couldn't stretch that far. BOOO...I got a black maxi that I can accessorise.

Anything you guys like there???  I have to return to the store on sat or sunday to get my yellow top as it goes on sale on the weekend. :-) Pays to wait sometimes. (And follow the store on FB)

Now.. to address an issue that has arisen. I have been getting complaints that I am doing mostloy selfies on IG and here. Outfit photos and not much about my cameras, pens and reptiles.
I am now labeled as worse than Kim Kardashian. Well..

Has it occured to anyone this is part of my mental health plan? It gives me confidence as it does to my friends. I have issues with myself and the mirror and I am trying to get over that. PLease just unfollow me on social media if this is too much for you to cope with.
Maybe I could publish a book.. ... :-P



  1. Anyone who has an issue with what you choose to do with your own social media can go die in a hole! If they seriously have that much of an issue they can fuck off and if they really want to cause trouble they can come and see me! It makes me so mad to think that people have to be so negative all the time, fuck off grow up and get over it! Love you honey xxxx

  2. XOXO my thoughts exactly. I still loove my cameras.. people can ask me about them, rather than bitch.. Geez.. I just wish people would just skip or unfollow rather than try to bring someone else down.

  3. My gosh, people can just fuck right off if they're being like that! Man, that's so wanky... anyway, I am SO pleased with how everything looks on you - the white top is particularly stunning and I'm glad you love it so much. We've got the oversized floral version and I'm thinking about doing something similar for a winter top for the next collection. It's a shame some of your city chic stuff isn't fitting right, but yeah, their full price is a fair bit, so I can see why u wouldn't want to pay alterations on top of that. xx

  4. I'll keep my beady eye on your upcoming tops.. the fitted ones are my absolute fave for this summer season, I'll be lining up for a new one.. heehee.I have no problem sending stuff back to a large company.. its not like they don't have thousands of the same item.
    My belived fish dress is at my mother's who will fit her to my chest size and you will see her again. :-) Until them I have my angler fish top and skirt to play with. The yellow fish top also went with the dress to be made smaller. I need bigger boobs but until then. My mother can put darts in for me. :-) Keepo me posted with your upcoming stuff!!!

    As for people complaining.. they can't be true friends, as true friends would just skim over and move on.
    Bring on payday,. mumma needs more tentacles


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