Shoe Sunday

For the past several years I have not been able to wear my beautiful heels. My weight and my loss of balance means it was an exercise in disaster so I turned to sneakers and low heels for tottering in.

I do have to dig out some of my stunning pretties as I can now balance a bit better .. but still can't wear them to work.l BOO. Proably for the better...

My favourite medium heels are these....

Garden of Possibilities Heel in Olive from Modcloth. Not cheap but so cute and unqiue. Low enough to wear all day at work but too high for standing in queues. SIgh..

Still they go with all my yellow, green and black clothes. Can't lose. :-)

Walk talk my lovelies



  1. they are pretty fabulous shoes, very cute and I like the fact even the inner sole is a pretty fabric, even though no one will ever see it - details like that are cool :)


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