Monday, December 15, 2014

When we have interesting days

Its never a good thing.
The shift got interesting at the end when a gunman decided to take goodness how many hosages ina cafe above the train station.

I feel for the people.

Its not for me to judge the outcome or even state what we were doing in keeping the system running, but to have a gunman in MY COUNTRY, IN MY CITY.. MY CITY!!!!


I am personally afronted. Outraged. We are protected mostly by the fact we are an island. We have never really had any major acts of war or terroism on our soil, (Ok Darwin in ww2..) so we are fairly easy going, relaxed as a people. Even naive. 

Here is a man, who flew an islamic flag and threatening innocent people. Also giving the islamic community a bad (worse?) name. We have no idea who he is, or what he wants.. the authorities have still not gotten contact with this guy after 5 hours. 

My message to him.(Not that I count for anything) 

 Let the innocent people go home. Give up. You are on an island of very angry people and you certainly will not be allowed to leave. 

You don't represent Islam, Australians or even human beings. Get help for your problems.  

edit - update  - gunman wants to be put on the radio. Ray Hadley has been asked to broadcast his message and he is rightly refusing. Same for the ABC. The media is rightly staying out of the issue. Go through the negotiators. You chose this path you fuck stick. This is one of the consequences.

Photo from - Those poor people


  1. I don't even have words for this. :( Lindt Cafe is one of my favourite places and somewhere I would be likely to visit though usually at Darling Harbour or at Miranda Shopping Centre on a Sydney trip.

  2. It's such a shame how this all panned out. :(

  3. Well, dear, if I lived close enough I'd help you train your dog. My girl and I are doing so much better these days. She's ready to be certified as a service dog and is helping me a lot already. My best for you and your training. Dogs are such wonderful creatures and they respond so well to love, attention, and exercise! They love to work and will work themselves to death for you.

  4. Agreed. It was all so shocking

  5. We had to just move on. I am even more saddened by the killing of all those kids in Carnes. Totally unbelievable

  6. we are soldiering on day by day. He can ignore people now but dogs are still a struggle for him to be controlled. In the yard we have him sitting and coming to us, tomorrow a shops trip.. Exciting for the pup. one day at a time.


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