Sunday, December 21, 2014

Xmas and Mental health

I work in an industry where we witness a lot of death and there is a spike around this time of year. We are not immune and the stress put on the emergency services is emmense.I feel for the front line people who do the tidy up. All we do it monitor, comtain and work around. The police, the ambulance people and the fire fighters (Along with the nurses and Drs in the hospitals) bear the brunt of the suicide season.

A friend - Leah wrote an elequent blog post about Xmas and mental health, much better than I could even manage.
Its ok to ask for help. Its ok to ring lifeline. Its ok to not feel chirpy xmas cheer and its OK to feel alone. God knows I do. I have had some Xmasses from hell. Last year was one of my best. I went to work early and took lots of ham that my mother had cooked. I let my colleagues go hom to their family and I spent it wirth humans. Beats the crap out of drinking yourself into a stupor or hospital. Beat making the emergency service personel's job harder and more miserable. 

If any of you are needing to talk, leave me a message below and I will reply with my private email. FB message me.. . Or if you know my mobile, message me. DM me on IG.. do whatever but know you are not totally alone. I'll be at work but happy to spend xmas with you too. Together we can move past this day and on to a new year.

much love from me. 



  1. So impressive how you came up with two beautiful outfits with such a limited wardrobe! And I'm seriously crushing on the HK belt!

  2. I love that Hello Kitty dress. The dress is great too. xx

  3. The belt was a gift from my mother. The spawn got a transformer one. :-) The dress is lovely, light and floaty

  4. Thanks. The offspring had a lot to do with it. He put together the formal outfit. :-) The HK belt is so cute!!


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