Busy busy busy

Some weeks are insane. This has been one of them. Mostly due to thw fact I am not getting more than 3 hours sleep at a time.
I re-established contact with him whom I call my closest friend, I can tell him anything even stupid women stuff.. I think I can forgive him even if I never forget. :-) Its all about moving forwards, I only have 41 odd yers left of my left and that if now less than half. The universe conspired against me and its highly likely we will never meet in person and this makes me very sad.

A new friend cheered me up, and his generosity made me cry. Its been so long since anyone did something out of the blue for me. Esp a guy who barely knows you. How lovely are some people.

I have been a shit, but a face to face talk and an honest answer has made my brain calm and I am happier than I have been in a loing time. The answer wasn't positive but it was honest and THAT is the happy making thing.

My beloved little sister has been a rock for me and no gifts that I shower her with will ever be enough. I wish I could get her a full time job, she needs proper working hours but her boss doesn't see her value and neither does her preferred company. It breaks my heart.

All in all, aside form no sleep at all, this week has been fairly positive.





  1. That's a very nice dress - I love heart prints!



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