Misery is Manifold

After a friday meltdown, a day that was very very messy, I had friends to drag me out of my self-pity
David took me out to lunch and after a shopping trip that I couldn't afford.. (HA) I struggled through a shift with tears hidden behind glasses.
My darling friend Aniseh popped in to say hi and I gave her, her order that I had been carrying around.
She made me feel better. All the dirty old men at my work thought she was my daughter. Not impossible, but alas, no.

So, after a rotten day, I was invited to a quiet night at a friend's place. The thing I needed. A comforting presence without pressue to be on. PHEW.

THe weekend has been pleasantly quiet, I have been able to start to recharge and regroup. I have even been sleeping better this weekend.

Now excited to get a new tattoo!!! WIN!!

Can't  wait

Thanks to the people who held me up this weekend!! xoxoxooxx


  1. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. Shopping works wonders. xx

  2. Yeah except the fall out when your mother has to buy your milk.. I have to get a grip.. XOXO

  3. I feel ya. We need shopper's therapy! xx


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