Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year New friends

Its true what they say. When one door slams shut in your face, a window opens..

Three windows this time. An old friend stepped up and comforted me and really helped put my feet back on the ground and take my head out of my arse, a slightly newer friend who has been nothing but supportive even if she doesn't completely approve (Sorry Aniseh)  and a new friend, who has been good enough to care and let me watch movies and trawl his photo albums at his place for two days.

To Dimitri, Aniseh and James, I thank you all. I started 2015 on a high, had the nest New years that I have had for decades and I am facing the year in a very positive frame of mind.  Much love guys.

For New Years Eve I wore a very plunging dress, high octopus heels and had to make the dress work worthy by adding the dickie.
Octopus Heels, A gift from Kevin
After work I went to visit a friend, who lives close to work as I had to double the next day. It was very kind of him and meant for once in a long time, I didnt ring in the New Year totally alone. Awesome

Coffee and back to work in my fav maxi dress of all time. 

How adorable are these cups!

I even received a beautiful gift.

The rest of the new Year was spent watching the sun go down and talking to the hound. He seemed to miss me. 

To the people who have propped me up these holiday season, many heartfelt thanks. This, being a sheep year should be better than the previous 3 years, and I intend to make the best of it. 


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