Pho Sizzle

Modelling Pho Sizzle Horse Skirt (Golden Pony Boy Skirt)
The skirt is a smaller cut than the angler fish skirt. (deep Sea skirt) So whilst I fit comfortably in a size 16 in the deep sea, this skirt is tighter. Alas the 16 vis all sold out. Luckly, my waist is smaller than my hips so it was a matter of hitching the skirt up to my natural waist. WIN!! The top I had lusted over for ages was totally sold out so I couldn't get one. BOOO. Still that does mean you have to nab Jacquie's clothes as she releases them. Not I'm stessing the Kraken pants will never been mine. 

As I say its a smaller cut but the wise waist band helps. I adore wide waist bands to this ticks my boxes here. The scallopped hem it to die for and seen before in the Berry Pencil Skirt (I never can get in my size), the Imogen skirt and the Candy Star skirt. Yoiu have seen me wear the Candy Star skirt. My issue with the tiny buttons and the huge belly that I mentioned in the Candy star skirt isn't a problem in the Golden Pony skirt. The buttons are slightly flattened and so my shape doesn't pop the buttons out. Win. 

Cutest little pocket in a heart shape and quality of sewing is excellent. As usual this is a fabulous summer skirt and I urge you to buy out her stock. (AND THERE IS A SALE!!!)

Now if only someone would sell me their Golden Pony Boy crop top in a 16... or 14.. Hell, I'd take an 18.!!! LMK!!!


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