Thursday, January 22, 2015


I have enptied my tattoo account. Alas one remains unfinished.. BOO it needs another 2 hours.
Oh well. Maybe later in the year.
I am thrilled to have found a talented female artist.. YAY

I was going to her for a heartbreak tattoo.. but for the life of me, I couldn;t find a home on my body. I could if it went outwards and that would look wrong .


In the past two weeks.. I have had three Tattoos from her

Thai Eel

Random Hound photo
My unfinished tattoo.. anyone have $400??? Sigh


  1. Hey - hope all is ok, missing your blog posts! :)

  2. Thank you hun. I had a mental break. I think. It wasn't intentional. XOXO thank you for checking.


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