Thursday, February 12, 2015

A rare and precious washing day

I wouyld love to have taken up an offer for a home cooked meal but I was due to get up Thursday 2am and the Illawarra was just too far to get there and back and still get 5 hours sleep. As it was I only managed 3 hours at best. Oh well.

The day itself was rather pleasant in that, for once I wasn't rushing around like a headless chook. I had a lunch date and he was coming off night shift so I had plenty of time to actually manage to get the washing done. Its been months that I have been able to do more than a quick load of undies and one load of sheets and shoved them all in the dryer, only to forget them and go hunting for clean sheets the next week.

I think the dog enjoyed the company too. He barely left my side.

I had received from Aniseh two beautiful dresses.. One I had to wear as OOTD

Sorry about all the photos of the same dress. It was a beautiful day.:-)

This is the other from Aniseh. I am so very lucky to have such a generous girlfriend. 
Speaking of generous people, I received a thoughtful gift that made me feel very special indeed. (FLESH WARNING~!!!!))

Am I not the luckiest lady???? :-) I can't thank David enough. Really made a difference to my frame of mind. And thank you for pandering to my obsession with City Chic.

My coffee/lunch date turned up late morning and we headed down to Gustos. Gustos makes the best coffee but if you want  toast, bring your own jam or vegemite. They just don't have any. (They are right next to Coles so .. go figure)

Got three loads of washign done and 3 sets of sheets. Today was a win!!!

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