Friday, February 13, 2015

Boo Valentines day

SO for the first time in 9 years we are having our anniverary together. Its also Valentines day.
This means, everything is booked out.  Everything. Can't even get a flight to Harvey bay and back for under $1000 which is out of the question. FOr that money I wouod rather a City Chic voucher and a T2 teapot and cup set and still have change.

Can't help by be slightly bummed by this. David made the effort to come up for the weekend and looks like McDonalds and TV. **Sigh**


  1. Yay for good laundry drying weather. :)

  2. I think there might be some places on the South Coast where you could book in for a lunch, if you felt like a drive.

    Cambewarra Estate is doing a special menu - - might be worth giving them a ring to see if they have any places left. :)

  3. Kazza the Blank One13 February, 2015 21:37

    Come out to the club .. :)


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