Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lovely day

I have to admit I have been looking forwards to today for a while. I was meeting someone I had sort of known for a few years. We have each other on our linked-in but damned if I remember why.. or how.. Who cares. He reached out to me at a super low point and I am grateful.
I was pleasantly surprised that he is as pleasant to speak to as he is to look at ;) can't hurt can it?
The trip home was faster than usual. Damn it. Always it when you are enjoying company.

He did come in to meet the dog but wasn't able to stay long. Shame, a drink at the pub and an all long natter would be awesome.  Thanks Richard you made my week. xoxo


For my fashion friends..
Today's OOTD was selected by a friend in Penrith - David.

The dress is 1X from modcloth in August. I don't think its avaliable anymore. 
The belt is from City chic S/M and possible you can find one at the clearance stores. 
My shoes are size 10 target. $10 can't lose. 

Anyone else wish to dress me :-) I quite enjoy this. Leave a message below


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