More days pass

The weekend was a whirlwind..
I was on afternoon shift, but a friend offered to put me up for the night so I could get into town to meet David.
I dressed casually for the two shifts. My fav charityt is Unlock hope so I wore their shirts.

I was in town and teased myself with the prettiest teapots you have ever seen and I can't afford them. WHAAAAAA

Want want want

ARGHHH Damn you poverty.

Among other wants... City Chic brought out my fav maxi in B&W NOOOOOOO
Luckily a beautiful lady came up with a suggestion that made it affordable.

Sunday saw me wake up to an alarm. My friend has coffee for me and toast. Awesome. :-) 

All stations bus was goijg to make me late but as it pulled up at Kogarah, the express was waiting and yay!!!! Got into town at 0930. 

I got to try my new City Chic bra set.. (WARNING FLESH!!)


Isn't it Pretty??? David bought it for me for Valentine's Day. Perfect perfect.

Off to work soon after and I was back in Jeans and Tee


I wanted to wear my pretty maxi that I got from BeMe for $31. Down from $80. Win!! Exentuates my breasts and narrows my waist. Trouble is, how can I top this tomorrow???


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