Friday, February 6, 2015

OOTD Thursday and friday

(This was started last fortnight so the Thursday was the last one in Jan)

Thursday was a quiet and calm day where as friday was emotional and basically hell.. Anyway a pity friday night in front of the tv with a friend who gave up his friday.. He brought over some delicious lebanese chicken and veggies, and a shoulder to cry on.
 Was an excellent night and I felt 1000x better.

The weekend was spent at work and Australia Day was night shift..
I had a friend spend the day with me to keep me company and we had a long conversation over chinese food. :-)

I went to work early and popped inh on David who had a train in town. They made me dinner. YAY

Tuesday am I spent with a colleague who picked me up from the station and we had a breakfast date to catch up.
Wednesday I was in Parramatta to meet another person, I had this week booked out trying to catch up with friends I have been ignoring for months. A lovely lunch at the lebanese restaurant then we walked up to the chocolate shop. And both us up got high in sugar. It was amazingly like being drunk. We were super silly. It was a great day out (Thanks Ron!)

Thursday was a trip to canberra to see Craig and see the Art Gallery.

We sat in the sculpture garden watching the magpie larks. One male and one female

Female with the white face
Male didn't get as close

Friday was spent quietly and James popped over to fiddle with my modem which is dropping out a lot. We headed out for dinner and stayed for the band. Was good to get out . 

Sat was spent travelling into town, I got to see David who treated me like a queen. I was wined and dined and spoilt. 

And that brings me to Feb.....

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