Saturday, February 14, 2015

Pre V Day

After the last post, about D struggling with finding sometyhing at short notice, he came into the lounge and stated we were off and not returning until Sat afternoon.

First the traditonal trip to the post office and Maccas for D to eat, then train to the city. A mystery trip!! David is famous for his travel intineries, so I relaxed and just watched the familiar scenery go by. As I didn't need my passport, it was going to be local. YAY. Sometimes holidaying in your own city gives you a fresh set of eyes on the place.

Off at Museum and up to the Pullman's Hotel at Hyde park. Check in was terrible. Really very slow... but I entertained myself reading a magazine designed to sell $50k watches to pompous Chinese tourists (The mag was in Chinese, not Korean or Japanese)

After that small issue, we saw the room and WOW.. Beautiful and David had paid extra for a Hyde Park room.

So heading out into the city, We made the first stop at Jaycar... Hmmmmmmmmmok..
HAHA David returned the favour and took me to City Chic. YES!!! Behaved though.. we are not made of money and the hotel room would have cleared him out.

David treated me to the dress and the lacy top, and hightailed it out of the store. :-)
Off to Optus to wait an age for service.As David only needed a $2 sim, we could have gone to coles but we had already invested a heap of time so were deterimined to see it to the end.

Back to the hotel to get really for our special dinner. OK an anniversary was tomorrow but I have already stated how hard it was to find anything in Sydney, actually anything within a 5 hour flight of Sydney.

My Diana Ferrari dress and my favourite all time heels. I wanted to look extra special. Pulled out all the stops. I hope I pulled it off. Hmm. I felt pretty but as I look at the photos I am not too sure. Sigh.

Dinner was amazing!!! Simply AMAZING. Yum yum yum Even found a wine David can drink.

We watched the rain and had a great time. I was thrilled. David pulled out all the stops.

Back to the hotel and I collapsed..

Happy 9th anniversary David,even if its on the 14th :-)


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  1. Kazza the Blank One15 February, 2015 14:39

    What a lovely husband ;)
    And I thought you looked fabulous


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