Thursday, February 12, 2015

Releasing the Kraken

A random AM shift today, I was going to have 5 days off but they asked me to stay on my 0531 shift this morning. My biggest issue was that no matter what I tried, I couldn't get to sleep. I even turned off my 2 am alarm and slept on.. only when I woke with a start at 0230.. CRAP!!!!
Luckily I had washed my hair the night before. THat means, of course, it was fuzzy... ARGH.
Couldn't do a thing with it, so gave up, put it in a bun, tossed on the first dress in my dress room and left.. only to return to feed the dog. OOPS..

Talked to my dearest friend which had me in tears by the end. I have to move forwards but I really am struggling with this. SIGH.

The OOTD was city chic (Yeah yeah) I have worn this dress before, so its a repeat.. (OOOOOO )

I arrived home early afternoon and mother turned up for a bit of shopping for her. I tried on only a few things and walked away with one shirt and a light top. Both on sale.
Cutest Shirt ever
A straight sized 14!!!! SQUEE!!!! OK its target but off the rack 14.. :-) Very exciting. :-)

David turned up for our 9th anniversary on Saturday. 
We headed out for a few drinks and David discovered there was a Kraken cocktail I had not tried.

Kraken and coffee.. YUMMY.. I tried to make it at home as David supplied me with a bottle of Kraken.. but I kept making it too strong to gave up and resorted to the cloudy kraken.

Partway throug this experiment in alcohol, I heard something at the front door. 
Low and behold, Kate was back. This time she has slipped her collar but I knew who she was just not the lady's number. I asked D to message Tracey and I messaged Branden. Tracey must have contracted the lady as, D came into the back yard where the two dogs were playing with me in the dark and Jen was with him. There was a lightning storm brewing and she was frigthened. Hank loves the company and I have to have them outside as they play all the time and destroy whats left of the house. \


  1. I love your hair in a bun, it really shows off your great fringe. :)

    Great doggy party that came to you as a surprise there!

  2. Thank you!! :-) The dogs both have a great time and I said to Jen that she is safe in my yard and the dogs can come and go into the house. SO if I have her here and i"m not home, not to worry too much. :) My dog does love the company.


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