Friday, February 6, 2015

Soooooo Feb

Been on AM shift so life gets difficult when this happens.
I have been going to work and then crashing at home. Ugh Make Yvonne a boring girl.

My wardrobe for the week was chosen by Jon who does a fabulous job.

So thats Monday to Thursday.
After Tuesday's shift, I met up with Aniseh and we went looking for a lacy maxi or the burnt-out dress. Pitt st had neither..

I am lusting after this Peplum dress. SIGH

Aniseh surprised me with a gift of the Burnt-out dress. I love that girl. The little sister I never had.
Thank you my love, I adore it. XOOXOX

Wednesday, after work, I popped into my mother's house, she wanted to go to Rinky's store.. Oh dear

damn, no money.. 
I ended uo getting home late and with a Dr appointment for Thrusday, and off sick as I really hurt my injured foot.

Thursday this week I went to the Dr as I promised both Mother and Aniseh.. I had to sit and wait for x-rays and got pretty images of my foot. It appears I am a freak and my foot issues are caused by little extra bones that irrtate the nerves in the foot and does explain my intense foot pain. 

SOO anyway .. no major damage thankfully, but slight cracks and lots of bruising. ARGH.. SO the Dr said two days off work, thinking I had the weekend off. His face was so funny when my mother piped up and said I was working the weekend.  Oh well. I'll be there.
She dragged me off to Target and spent hundreds.. but she had a ball. All put on layby except the sale items.
Fail...But one day I'll find a shirt dress
Onwards to Mac Square and she helped me go to Diana Ferrari .. oh no... I did pay out my layby which me penniless. BAH.  I thenh fell in love with another expensive dress and the lady squabbled over my $51 in vouchers. I ended up using them for my mother's clothes.

She didn't get the dress about, I talked her into a blue cowl necked shirt with a blue skirt that looks like the dress skirt above. The seperates hug her curves. She is SOOOOO Skinny she is now in size 6. Geez.. And she was saying the 6 wasn't going to fit but the skirt hugs her hips and gives the illusion of her having curves. The cowl neck gives the illusion of curves as well. She looks amazing and I wish I took a photo. SIGH.

Now essentially bankrupt, I convinced mother to drive me home. I was wiped out.
Joh came over and we had a lovely meal at the Tahmoor hotel.. Long chat and then he dropped me home. Was nice to be dressed up. :-)

Friday had me off sick, the dr had ordered, I had coffee with Craig, a local guy who is extremely interesting. Works for the Liverpool council. We talked about property in Picton and even about poor Hank. Being a council person I found out why things happened the way they did with Blacktown. I also discovered Hank is a Mastiff/Great Dane cross. Apparently also he is grey,.. UMMMMMMM

Mum, why did you make me go into the rain?

Onwards to get my nails done, long over due. Picton ladies only charge $32. Mac is $53..

Laser treatment for de-gorrilla and I wandered to the Shrink. I was supposed to be set free but after my session, she wanted to see me again. Still too crazy to be set loose. 
I wandered through CBT mall on my way back to the car. Be me had 30% off... oh dear..

Today's OOTD

TS14 dress bought by David for me.. A City Chic Belt and cheap shoes for my sore feet.


  1. Monday's dress is ooh la la and makes your boobs look fantastic! xx

  2. Oh yes.. Is tight but I feel fabulous


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