Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday.. Post V day

After two days of good food and alcohol..Today was simple..,

Maccas for brekkie and then a quiet day fighting with my phone and losing photos. Ugh.

Ah well.. only food photos

Alas this top was doomed as, when mother arrived with her dog, I was making tea and dropped my cup with hot tea all over me, my hand and the dog under my feet. Sigh. There goes a beloved lilac Barry. As I said to David .. He died as he lived, carrying hot tea. Still, bummed. Also in the confusion, I cut my finger so I had blood added to the mess. YAY.  :-( 

Mother had wanted to enter the Target competition. She has had the worse few months, losing most of her weight and dropping from a healthy 65kg to around 45kg.. She looks like a skeleton, and the doctors have no idea why. ANYWAY. She found Target have lovely clothes for a lady of her new size. Around size 8 sometimes a size 6. Geez. I think she looks very happy and professional here. Hope target chooose her even if its a long shot. Maybe they want a 66yr old lady?? Cross your fingers for her everyone. 

David and I had a lovely dinner at the pub, and D ordered a Jug of Sangria. The jug was huge!!!

What is it 4L??

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