The last few days

Busy bee

The past week has been busy and I have blogged most of this. The weekend didn’t let up. Saturday was a random arvo shift.. I didn’t realise it was overtime until I got into work booo I could have said no. Drat.. Still I do need the money. Need to get my debts under control.
I missed a car payment, Ugh.. I had to raid Fabian’s account to make up the short fall so I feel bad about that.
Friday was a training day and I spent it looking for a place to have my nails done. The city places all charge $75 minimum whereas Picton is $40 and MacArthur is $50. No way I am paying $75 or $100 for an infill and colour. Almost double the cost.
I ended up at T2 and talked to my favourite lady who is being promoted to the QVB store. BOO I will have to change stores. Being a Secret Society member, I scored freebies and discovered a new, lovely tea, Oolong Berry. Yum Yum.

I had a coffee date with a young man who was very entertaining and enthusiastic but excessively clingy.. Just what I need. L Still lovely young man and will do well in his career.
Had a dinner guest for Friday night and both he and the dog enjoyed my scintillating conversation all night before I had to call it.  Long day.

anyone have $350???

Back to Saturday, had made a booking at Picton to have my nails done, as a friend had given me the money to do so, as all women should have pretty hands. Don’t know about that but I was grateful.  He did request I get a sheep for Year of the Goat/Sheep so I asked the lady. She did what I asked.. a cloud with legs.  I even got a brighter red than usual for the Chinese New  Year. Lucky bright red. They worked out rather well.

Onwards to target to pay something off my maxi layby. I have had it in too long and I was also able to post my Pay it Forward box of clothes to Rita. I hope she finds something that she likes.  I still have a red dress that would look sexy on her. The box was charge at cubic volume so I had to pay for 9 kg, not the 7.5 that it really was. Sigh.

Work was nice and quiet.  I was looking forwards to Sunday which I had off.

Home around 2am.. Actually I got in early, around 0130hrs and crashed with most of my clothes on.. oops. That’s tired. I woke up around 10, and my mother asked if she could help find receipts for things I wanted to return to CC. Took me over an hour, but I found them, and managed to clean my bed and change it as well. Yay!.. Mother turned up and helped me decide what to return and what to keep.

Basil and Hank got along and the two dogs played happily until Hank gave up and went to sleep. Lazy dog. The Fox terrier went to sniff the back yard, annoying the neighbour’s Poodle and Maltese. Oh well.

At Macarthur, we headed for City Chic where mother wanted to try the new boots. Too big in the calf for her. I went to return my stuff but had totally forgotten about the fact they were laybys. NOOOO. There is no return after 7 days for a layby…OOPS.. My bad. The lady, luckily, knowing me and my spending at her shop, allowed me a store credit so I took that, will help next week or if new bra sets turn up. I’m sure I would have a use for it.

Mum and I went to T2 and I was good, using only my store credit to buy three tins. Mum got a tea selection for $40 and we discovered another yummy tea, Shimmer Punch. I couldn’t buy any but I got a large sample.  New York breakfast is out of stock Australia wide, so if anyone finds a box in their store, can you buy it for me!? I’ll paypal the money back. PLEASE!!! In the meantime, I’ll settle on my oolong berry and Shimmer Punch.  
Mother wanted to go to Noni B, a store that makes her very happy and she tried on a dress I am dying to get. She found me a sexy emerald top, and a pretty grey dress. I loved them but way out of my $0 budget. Friend to the rescue and mother paying the initial layby amount.  Mother got her sexy green dress and got the manager to order me one and the lady even honoured the 30% discount that was ending today., YAYAYYAYAYAYAY I can’t wait to try it.
On the way back to the ute, my mother mentioned that a shop we had passed had cheap maxis…Oh no….she then encouraged me to go in and look. Always fatal.

She bought me this pretty black maxi. Only $30. (Only when compared to City Chic) I am now wearing size 16 straight sizes.. Achievement unlocked.
Home to my place after picking up Basil again from mother’s.
She turned unto Cyclone Helen and cleared like a woman possessed. I was exhausted and we found a huge pile of dog poo and a spot where both dogs were pissing. No wonder my house smells. Ugh.
She wore me out and I was struggling to not yell at her in frustration. She was only doing good and she did find a passage way and we filled the bin in the crap we found.

Monday was quiet but after work, I found I was double booked. I was supposed to meet a psychology student but I was on the Canberra train before he texted me. Luckily he was good about it. I really need a secretary. Met a colleague at Picton and he kindly dropped me home to my dog.

Tuesday my colleague was not finished at Sutherland so I called another friend to buy me drinks. As usual after a pub session, the electric train home was hell. I can last to Macquarie Field before I am busting.. argh.. Barely made the Southern Highlands train before my teeth floated away.. and yes, I did prepare and went to the toilet twice before leaving Sydney.. BOOOO Stupid efficient kidneys.  (Or small bladder)

Home around 10,, tomorrow is also a busy day



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