Walking tall in heels

There is a time in girl's life that she needs to put on her big heels, tightest dress and reddest lipstick and walk tall.
I have three dresses that dominate my life.. in that I actually dream of them...
 Two from City Chic and one from Diana Ferrari. SIgh

Trouble is, to buy these is more than my take home pay. BOOOO I have a top shelf want and a gutter income. damn it.
 Wiggle Dress 

Ombre Maxi 

Black Diana Ferrari Dress\

I tried this last dress on.. its to die for.. but they wanted $50 to layby.. I had $30.. BOOOO

I was all dolled up.. for .. shopping with my mother and a night with industry ppl.

We went to pay one of my laybys and mother generously put $20 on my older dianna Ferrari layby...
After having lunch with motherm sje dropped me off at the station so I could head to parramatta...
I was going to get a coffee with Aniseh before visiting a friend who was at the RIISB conference.

Lovely meal.. :-) And too much whiskey..

I covered 9.5km in heels..

Keep walking tall ladies



  1. It's so good we don't have layby's here as I'd get myself into more trouble than I'm already in! :P

  2. you don't have layby????wow.. I wouod never afford anything

  3. Nope. You buy outright or sod off, hahaha!

  4. FUCK that shit. I'd never have any pretty dresses just kmart..


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