wow unexpected break

OOps.. I didn't plan for a break and certainly not two weeks. ( or so) I'll work backwards from today

A friemds chasing another friend made things a tad awkward but everyone ended up being adults about it so it worked out.. sorta.. A tad sad as one can certainly help the other.. but its not my business and I stand by her 100%.
My beautiful adopted little sister took me clothes shopping.. we were hunting an elusive Burnt-out dress that was in the City Chic boutique part of the store. In our travels we found heaps of unexpected new beauties...

She ended up surprising me with a present..

How lucky am I???

OK.. now to raid my dairy to remember what happened in the last fortnight


  1. City Chic seems to have a lot of lovely clothes. It's probably just as well we don't have them here - I have no problem being parted from my money at the best of times! xx

  2. Sweetheart.. They have driven me into poverty..


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