Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Autumn is here

So from last wednesday to now, the insanity continues,..

From Thursday last week to last night I barely managed a few hours at best. When I say a few, I mean 2.. by Monday I was dying but when I got home from night shift, the dog was nowhere to be seen. I walked into the house and he was attempting to get up from where he was in the lounge. The dog was unable to stand up easily and wobbled alarmingly..
I talked to a friend who insisted I see the vet asap, and even offered to pay for the vet. SOO I rang mother as I didn't have a car. The dog couldn't walk to the vets. She was at the Dr surgery so said she sould come down as soon as she could.
All I could do was make the dog comfy and curl up next to him to sleep.
Soon mother turned up and we bundled the dog into the ute.
The muzzle was to comply with council regs.

By the time we got to the vet (I had to walk) the dog was fighting fit again.  HMM He had an ugly scar on his head but otherwise fine. THe vet looked him over and shrugged.  He looked into his eyes, teseted his legs and did a walk test and nothing, The dog was fine. HMMMMM But my mother had seen him wobbling and unsteady.
Odd.. Exhausted.. I walked home and waited for the dog to return. When mum pulled in, she said as I walked home and she had to drive the opposite direction, the dog panicked without his mistress. AW..
he loves me

We headed to Macathur as I was sent money to buy a special dress. Mother disapproves of this benefactor but it is what it is. 

We headed for Diana Ferrari to get the special dress. Mother had done a quick budget..

to be continued

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