Friday, March 13, 2015

finally some time off

Every 12 weeks we get 6 days off. This is my Junee time. Alas this time I had a day stolen as I had to see the psycologist on friday at sparrow fart. (aka 0830hrs) I had a breakfast meeting at 0930hrs.. ugh..

Luckily for me a friend also has a day off and suggested visiting the Wombeyan caves for the day so my wasted day would be spent away from the city and would be relaxing. He was right.
he picked me up around 10 so I got to sleep in. :-)

As we arrived I saw a monitor.. HUGE Lace Monitor. (Varanus varius). My poor friend had a heart attack when I screamed stop!!!! and lept out of the car.

We saw one tour cave and did the self guided tour then he had brought a picnic lunch so we sat and I tried to take mobile phone photos of the birds. I did ok.

Below you see the male Satin Bower bird, in his magesti8c black and beautiful purple eyes.. and then the females in their brown feathers and again a beautiful purple eye. Not bad for a mobile phone photo

Two little female splendid wrens.

To cap off our meal, some magpies came to eat out of my hand and then sung to us. Lovely.

Today I was at the psycologist and hoping to be signed off but no. Oh well another day off I need to go to the next appointment, Ugh.

My breakfast meeting was cancelled as he lost my number then thought I wasn;t interested.. huh???

Oh well meant I could head to Junee early.
The dog was happy for the drive.  :-)
Spent the  arvo with alcohol and chocolate, hmmm wonder why I am putting on weight.. Time to walk the dog..

Time to get my sleep up to date. xoxo


  1. I always try to keep some blue things in my car for the male bowerbird. One of those old school blue pen barrels or a lid from a spring water bottle does the trick. I saw a photo where one had managed to steal a $10 note! :)

  2. Good idea. I had a blue bottle cap I didn't think about it..He enjoyed the chicken though


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