Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I ran into an old friend

My old tattoist bailed me up in the street on Picton, his narrellan store closed and he has been out of work. The Picton store took him in but they charge 50/50 with the artist. Two things bother me.
1. he asked me out again... Sigh.
2. He was territorial about Bubsy doing some of my tattoos quite out out and then about my Thai tattoos

Things I like
1. He remembers and keeps my designs.. Even a year later.
2. He may still be able to swing a deal

I don't know. I don't like the expense of Picton Tattoo.. the clit piercing will be $250 but at least Bubsy does it. I trust her. Campbelltown will do it for $150. Hmm Male piercer though.

I have to think.
Its theory atm, as I said to my old tattooist, I can't afford groceries, tattoos are way down the list.

One day.

Work had been horribly sluggish. Nothing to really complain about but slowwwwww. I have been spoilt by a close friend who has made the week bareable. He even spoilt my dog. LOL. SIGH. One more night shift.

I have put on weight.. I blame my inability to resist Hot cross buns with butter.. UP to just over 87kg I have to pull my head in. And be a good girl. I was at 82kg and now 87.. damn you easter.
I am weak. :-(

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