The run up to 6 days off

the countdown to my once every 12 weeks long break. By this time I am extremely fatigued.
I can't wait to have more than 3 hours sleep a night.

Before I continue, I have to send a huge public thanks to my own mother who, have kept me in food this month. I have not had a bankm account in the black all of march.
Another thanks to SD who had backed me up so I didn't miss a car paymemt and my phone is not cut off. Without these two this month, I would be in dire straites.


When the chips are down, you know who your friends are.


Monday I was dressed buy Tim. It was 2 am and I asked a series of questions and we ended up with this..

Diana Ferrari dress  and Guess Glasses

Dressed by David a friend from Wollongong. Again a series of questions and he chose this that you saw last post..

On the way home I popped into City Chic as my order had arrived. Don't worry it was a pre paid layby..

Wednesday - last day before 6 days off

SD came home from his cruise and had bought me some pretty presents. YAY for presents

I was blown away.. only David has bought me jewellery before. Pretty shiny things.
What girl can resist shiny things.. ?? I hadno idea how to react to presents. I'm arkward.. 

Wow.. just wow.

anyway the beautiful Aniseh dressed me this am

How sexy did she make me look? Miracle worker that woman.

off spelunking tomorrow 


  1. Kazza the Blank One11 March, 2015 21:34

    That purple-to-black dress looks very cool


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