I have been absent

Both here and in my life in general. My friends have noticed a retaction of my presence and Iam sorry. :( I have been coping with a loot at the same time and my closest have been pushed aside.
I barely keep up with IG.

Work, as you all know was hell last week due to the weather, That with my chest infection thrilled me to pieces. The dog has.. ear mites? infected ear and I have to heat the cream or he wont tolerate me putting it in his ear. It keeps me up too at night as he scratches and shakes his head violently.

Otherwise.. I have moved from night shift to Morning shift and my mother rang for IT advice at 2200hrs.. and by the end I had 2 hours sleep..GREAT!!!

I was coping.. until the CEO was explaining something behind me and I had a micro sleep, almost dropping my head to the desk. REAL PROFESSIONAL. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great way to be promoted. FUCK.I had words with my mother who laughed at the situation as it sounded funny. As I write this.. I ;can see it would be but at time I was furious.

THe afternoon was spent in heels runnning around after my mother but to be fair she bought me a cardigan and two dresses.  SQUEE!!

We even played twins.

I have soent my office week in an anti uniform protest, I have been dressing as colourfully as possible. I have been a skittle..**Taste the Rainbow??**

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

I couldn't wear the other rainbow dress, it was too short to be professional..

As of this afternoon.. I am off for 4 weeks.. I am going to sleep the first week I am sure.


  1. I know...!!!!!!!!!!Day 1.. house work, drop car off and apply for another job. PHEW!!!


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