Friday, April 17, 2015

Lovely Day

Today was raining and cold.   My good fried and his mother and daughter were supposed to go skydiving.. but the weather was so crap there was no way any plane was leaving the ground.
SO he, as he knew my mother was wanting to meet his mother, he arranged a lunch for the mothers. 
OOTD 4 mothers' meeting
Grey harbour, Grey day
Orginally he had said the mothers would not let us get a word i edgeways and when they met, he was accurate, the two women got along and neither of us get a word in edgewise all arvo. Was perfect. 

Totally worth the drive through torrential rain. 

Home much later and both of my neighbour, Tracey's kids turned up. Brandon fed my snakes and they watched the snakes eat the rats they gave them. :-) Tracey had sent me some homemade ham and veggie soup and so much that mother and I had plenty to share between us. 

STeam fest steam train wasn't worth shooting, I struggled with the grey sky, BOOOOOO

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