Sunday, April 5, 2015

The day I tried to kill myself.

The weekend has been wonderful so far with one exception. Firstly. I am in Gerringong, being spoilt. It’s lovely to get away and not think about work for 3 days.

Spent the first night at the Novotel in Railway square as staying in town after finishing at midnight was a great idea. My midnight meal was late, it was ordered for 0015 and arrived after 0100. I didn’t feel like eating by this time. Argh, I crashed and slept like the dead.
The next am, Sat, it was pouring with rain. Teeming.  Headed out to City Chic to collect my layby. I was tempted by the new blue dress but was strong and headed out. I am still dreaming of it.
Onwards to Gerringong. The traffic was heavy in the city but to be expected. Had to listen to football..HMMMMMMM

The Mecure at Gerringong is lovely. Alas it looks out on to the swamp but at least I can see the sunrise over the ocean. The two pools looked fabulous. I spent the first day relaxing and watching some TV before walking to the shops after dinner. The meals here are outstanding. Beautifully pr3esented and delicious. I ate far too much and hence felt bloated. I wandered to the shops and back via some of the back streets. Not a huge place but hilly enough for me to work off some of the meal. 

Today, Sunday, the weather had cleared up and breakfast was like Central station. The wedding that was on yesterday, still took over the restaurant. Ugh, I couldn’t even get a coffee and they were like locusts at the toast and cereal tables. NO yogurt or fruit. ARGHHHH I got the hot cross buns. HAH

Took some to the room for later.
I headed up to the shops and the surf shop was open.. oooooooo
I headed for the snorkelling dept. Argh.. nothing L Only cheap. Bah. I tried on a size 14 wetsuit and it fit! But impossible to get into myself. A tad small. L Oh well. With the weight I am putting on…

The bikinis were 50% off but even at the half price, they were out of my price range. A top was $144 reduced to $75. Just the bikini top!!

Back to the hotel for lunch, just fruit and the hot cross buns. I read for a while and then watched a movie.
I was in the mood for exercise and stupidly went to the beach alone. I rarely swim in the open water. I am more of a next to a boat or in the harbour sort of girl. The beach is not my domain. BUT As they say pride precedes a fall.
The waves changed suddenly and I was swamped all of a sudden. I was dumped and from there I struggled to keep my head above water. The waves dragged me out farther but I slowly managed to get slightly closer to the shore and realising I was in real serious trouble, I had to use my short moments of breath to yell. A lady saw me and she found a handsome young man who waded out to collect me. I had managed to make it mostly into shore. THANK GOODNESS FOR A LOCAL WHO HAD HER EYES PEALED. She and her three kids were amazing and the handsome young man and his girlfriend took me home after I convinced them I was ok. Exhausted and bringing up sea water. I am willing to admit defeat and from now on, I will stick to my calm harbour and her beautiful animals.
The lovely kids dropped me at my hotel room and made sure I was ok and didn’t need the hospital before departing. I stripped and hacked up a lung in my shower. HOT Shower.
Crawled into bed and watched tv.. happy to be able to breathe. J Can’t complain
Dinner was yummy and after a few rums and whiskey and a salted caramel desert, I felt better, I am still coughing though.

Happy Easter.,  I am happy that’s for sure. 


  1. Mostly happy moments! :) And one quite scary one. Glad that worked out ok.

    I always drive past that Mercure and wonder what it is like inside. Looks pretty awesome. :)

  2. oh yes.... Very glad to be able to watch the sun rise this am

  3. OMG, so glad you are still here hun ....<3

  4. Kazza the Blank One06 April, 2015 17:46

    We were reminded only a few weeks ago how easy it is to get into trouble in the surf. Great that you're ok and some nice people were there to help you.

  5. Thanks lovely. It was a wake up call.

  6. I will find the lady one day and thank her properly.

  7. My goodness! That sounds so scary! I'm glad everything was okay in the end and that there were some nice locals nearby. x


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