Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Trying things..

Some photos from the weekend and City chic change room items. I hope I havent repeated a lot.

Top row: Grecian dress City Chic XS, City Chic Cardigan XS and belt also CC. SHirt Target size 14 and jeans City Chic size 14
Second row: Cirty Chic Dark Lace dress xs (Doesn't suit at all :( ) Geo Aztec Tunix XS
3rd row : Bikinis from Gerringong surf shop. The third is from Thailand. Various sizes.
4th Row :City Chic Pleather Insert Top XS City Chic and High waisted light shorts size 14, Old City Chic white dress XS and White blazer size XS
5th and 6th  row: Old CC top and Jeans  and Noni B dresses and top that I can't find on the web site. HMMMM Size 16.
7th Row Old CC dress I got on clearance and my my mother wearing the same dress as me but in size 8 and noni B top. size 8.
(D'oh the page editing has changed my rows, but Its easy to work out. Sorry!!!)
Anthing you guys like? Don't like?? LMK.


  1. Kazza the Blank One07 April, 2015 21:24

    The white dress with the black belt looks quite sophisticated

  2. Its comfy too :-) Thank you Kaz!

  3. I've had a couple of near death experiences and although hard, the sense of joy afterwards is something else. It's good to be alive! xxx

  4. Loving the belt in the first one! I have a thing about wide belts for some reason, even though my torso is so short they sit right under my boobs. :P Loving the striped top and the greeny layered dress. xxx

  5. Same..belts.are my thing :)


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