Saturday, May 30, 2015

And so her holidays finished

Can't say it was boring. I had no time to even think some days.

The birthday weekend was epically stressful, and I hurt someone close to me.
I did learn to love Cards against Humanity.
Did a cruise which was amazing and possibly David's Best holiday surprise ever,
Got a house mate.
The dog was trained much better.
My house got turned upside down.
Saw my brother for the first time in many years and he gave me a sofa.
Did my SCUBA open water certification.

All topped off by my mother getting a discount on my bras, getting my dresses out of layby, and having an awesome lamb shank for dinner.
Some downs some ups and I feel refreshed and readyn for work.. at least for a few days.

Kel and Me on Elegant night

Kel and Alan

Kel takes on the slide

Mother's day

Kel and Alan

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