Friday, May 22, 2015


Did you all notice?

LOL Maybe not.

After a stressful startt to my birthday month, my husband surpirsed me with an 11 day cruise. As always it followed some very bad timing and when I boarded the ship a few days later,.. I was determined to have the best time possible.

My overall opinion was.. what a great way to travel. No strip searches like at the airport, I could use real, metal knives, instead of the stupid plastic they give you on airlines and from the minute you step on to the boat, even before you get your room (Had to wait 45 mins) you are surrounded by food, drink and the best views of Sydney.

The sun started to set and it got a tad chilly

From the Lilo Deck

Just after boarding

Off to explore the ship!

Got a HUGE HIGE room

MaiTai with a view

The Jungle at the Bow

Our ship was delayed a few hours. ,

The departure time was set back, set back and set back several times. We were warm, and had food but the police had stopped boarding of more passengers and suppiles so I felt bad for the poor people caught for 3 hours plus in the terminal they had passed immigration, They couldn't leave or board, just sit. The others were given a voucher from Carnival to buy food at a local restaurant even though it was not the company's fault. From watching the police and their activites, I guessed it wasn't a simple "police are conducting a hightened security patrol" they were searching for something, It turned out that I was correct and there had been a bomb threat and they searched the bins of the ship. Bah. Well no skin off my nose except we had not done muster and couldn't go to bed until we had. To do this, all the staff and remaining passengers had to be on board. SIgh. As soon as I went to lie down muster was called. HA. SHould have thought of that earlier. Afterwards, I just went to bed in my gorgerous room as the ship sailed gently out of Sydney heads,

Love this rocking to sleep.. :)

Day 2 and 3 were at sea. I was expecting to get a lot of reading done but I was far too busy. Up at Dawn to do morning stretch and abs before  a breakfast and book camp. I am up 5kg from my 82kg so wanted to keep any weight gain to a bare minimum., I hope. HMMMMMM

Bikini Time!!!!

Dress from Pho Sizzle. Simply perfect!!

So my days were spent at the gym, at seminars (Ignoring the hard sell) and watching the sun rise and set. At no time did I find time to be bored. I met a lovely lady who, like me had lost a lot of weight and was also determined to not stack it on during the cruise. We became fast friends. She was also my greatest cheer squad. when I didn't want to go to the gym, she made sure I did. She made my take the stairs more often than the lifts and on non boot camp days,, she encouraged me to walk the ship. Awesome. There needs to be more people like her in my life.

Kel and Alan. I am so glad I met them!!xoxox

Elegant night (Kel's dress is above) saw me in City Chic. (Of course.) I felt pretty. This also fell on mother's Day, so, as I was away, Heath took my mother out to dinner as his own mother is in the UK. AW!!!! My mother was thrilled and took her mind off her job issues for a night.

Our first port was Villa in Vanuatu. Not a city I would like to return to.. but as I had said, I was determined to have a great time so David and I headed into the city.

I was glad to be at a wifi cafe but after that, I basically hightailed it back to the boat.  Walked all the way back. Bloody hot and forgot my 3B cream so CHAFFING!!!! ARGHHH..

I was happy to relax oin the boat and watch the people come and go. We got a carbina so I stayed here for the rest of the arvo. Trying to read my SCUBA book..

OK.. new post for next days as this is already photo intensive

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