Friday, May 29, 2015

Isle of Pines

The morning was stunning and today was our last small Island. Another tender stop, this was a snorkelling location for Kel and I.,
We got the earliest tender we could and headed for land. I stepped off the boat into shops and INTERNET!!!!!!
I bought the cutest skirt and crop top and used the net to talk to Heath, Yay Yay.

Me and my gal. XOXO
Shopping!!! Should I?????

The 4 of us wandered up the road. In the mean time David had gotten so bored that he had set up camp.

We headed for snorkelling and Al stayed on the beach. 

Going snorkelling

We wandered up the beach after snorkelling and came across a resort with a restaurant. Kel had the misfortune of encountering the rudest woman ever but the rest of the staff were lovely. Coffee and tea by the sea with a kitty. 

Wandering back to the boat for our evening routine,
I started to feel a sniffle at dinner.. hmmmmm trust me to get sick on a holidayl BOOOOOO

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