Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mare Island

Mare was the next day, but,,... I was less than excited. The cruise director kept saying the island only had one feature and it cost $20 pp to go to the beach across the other side of the island. Pft. Seriously. Why go to an island with nothing to do? I think they don't try hard enough.
I hung around with Kel at thwe markets until they got the bus to the beach. David and I crawled the breakwaters and found crabs, mubskippers and even saw a shark/dolphin ( dunno it was a fin) and a turtle popped up. Alas I did not have the long lens on. BOOOOOOOO


After we were noticed by some local teens, we fled to the town.
The boat literature stated that the Aquarium Naturelle was 1.2miles from the town. So we headed off to see what was there. We walked for almost an hour and kept asking the people heading back the otherway if it was ahead. Most had given up. Eventually it was around 4km. That's no where near 1.2 miles carnival.
We made it. I had blisters and was in a lot of pain,

I had forgotten my go pro. Otherwise I would have dived in, in just my undies, There were clams to see!!

The walk back to the wharf caused my shoes to fill with blood. I was limping and quite miserable but the scenery was beautiful and had I expected an 8km round trip I would have worn my walking shoes. BOOOOOOO

The afternoon was again wonderfully quiet and I did manage to get some reading done for my PADI exam. 
Dinner with Kel and Alan, us four had developed a rather lovely routine and I was quite content.,  We sat and nattered in darkened Serenity lounge before I headed for bed and David went for a spa.

This is the way to travel. 

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