Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mystery Island

The next Port of call was Mystery Island.

I was up early for Spin class,, UGH I loathe bikes of  all shapes and sizes and this proved it to me. Hate hate hate. But I was there. 

I did my best. 

We took the tender to the island and we saw so many crabs.. Very Very cute!!!

We walked the beach for a while shooting the little crabs and the huge gleaming white ship off the coast. Stunning seas.

Wandering the island, we headed back to the ship for snorkelling equipment and the rest of the day as spent challenging my new fear of the ocean. YAY. :(

Well, Blogger crashed in a screaming heap and I lost all that I typed, ARGH.. I have no idea what was lost but anyway. 

Diving in Mystery Island was interesting. I did manage a bit of time in the water but not comfortably,  As soon as I got in, I was surprised by a trumpet fish, 

In scuba, your buddy stays very close to you. Usually around an arm's length. I looked up and my snokelling buddy. David had had a flipper blow out. By the time I found him, I was unable to deal with the changing tide so I bailed. But the beach was lovely and warm anyway. Drying off, I waited for David to finish swimming before we headed to the ship. 
Claiming my place in the Serenity Bar, I settled into a sought after position, the benefit of coming home early.. and stayed for the rest of the evening with Kel and Al joining me soon afterwards, 

Perfect evening. :-) 

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