The night before, I had started to feel iffy but by the am I was so sick I couldn't move or get up for my dawn walk or do anything. David got up and went for breakfast with Kel and Alan and returned with a baggy filled with tablets.
Kel had supplied him with Advil, codral, and some vitamins. I would so grateful. I went from wanting to die to being able to get dressed and sit with some food.
Thank god for good friends who are acutally prepared.

I wanted a nasal spray for sleep, I can't sleep with a blocked nose. Ever. So, against my better judgement, I went ashore. I had the idea of finding a pharmacy and then heading back to bed. Of course too many distractioms occured and so it was ages before we found a pharmacy. Even had the traditional Yvonne screaming match when my codral ran out and we still had not found my medical care, Bah.

After I found a pharmacy and a lovely lady helped me, I was happy to follow David around the town but of course, now the weather had turned making David grumpy. As we couldn't make the city wi-fi work for us.... we headed to Macdonalds for their free wi-fi.  This took us past the marina and the car park markets. I evcen got a browse around but as I had no cash and nothing was really different to the islands, we moved on fairly quickly.

Next to Maccas was a US memorial. The ppl of Noumea thanking the USA for their support in WW2. Lovely memorial.

The internet had a password and when we got it from the manager, we logged on, only for it not to work either. BOOOOOOOOO Giving up completely we returned to the ship and had a wonderful evening at the Serenity deck, stuffing our faces and watching the sun set. Magic.

Onwards to Sydney!!!!


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