Sunday, June 14, 2015

Insomnia and other fun things

I have had three of my 4 nights shifts. Two being long shifts. Tonight, my relief has even gone off sick. I have no idea if I have a relief. ARGH. The trials of a shift worker. It doesn't help that my skin has the feeling of ants crawling under it due to three days of very little sleep. I have been getting 3 to 4 hours of only broken sleep. One day was hourly wake ups. Yesterday was hourly until noon then a solid 2.5 hours. FUN.
My eyes sting from fatigue and I am scratching the ant feeling.





Nothing sleep won't cure, I am sure of it. ALAS, no days off until next sat then more arvo and nights. 

My weight has climbed to 93/94kg and stayed static since early May. Gutted I couldn't keep up my year long weight loss but happy its settled to at least under 100kg. This does distress me a lot though. Not the weight itself, but the failure of me being able to manage my food intake. Why is this so bloody impossible. 
I have been eating 99% properly, but have had pizza three times this month, and I do snack on too many nuts.  I have a 2 biscuit limit and haven't had chocolate except my pro-biotic balls. 

Pissed at myself and only I can help myself. 

In Happier news, I ran out of blue hair dye so have used purple. Two shades giving it a pink/purple and blue appearance.

In finances I have been good but did cave and bought this little black dress. Heath asked just how many little black dresses I have already.. but I have nothing like this one. I feel its a little short but looks pretty nice with a belt. 

Bought a magic bullet, the mix and go can go to my mother, though it has served me well, the magic bullet has (Supposedly) and better motor. Time will tell. I only paid $49 thanks to flybuys and on-line target. Total win. Deb go one too. YAY!!

Winter weather and my new kitchen has gotten me searching for easy slow cooker recipies. Any suggestions? No pork. Maybe baked apples.. Hmmmmm. :) I should get my little crock pot form my mother for winter slow cooked porridge.. Hard to clean but damned delicious..

Did I already share this? Wed OOTD

Dog sleeps oddly

Arvo shift casual

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