Monday, July 13, 2015

Scuba Week!

Well not all week. As everyone knows I left off with Fabian doing his first dive and first ever ocean swim.
Needless to say he took to it like a well..... fish to water. He picked up the skill;s very easily and loved the experience.

Day two was thursday and this was three dives and ABYSS were allowing me to join them on Fabian's three open water dives. I had new equipment that was, after a month, not even wet so they were also going to run me through the kit.

Matt took the course and as always with Abyss, we has a student instructor. Sigh. Not bad but is so constant that I expect it more than not. Still Cody was awesome. He will be an instructor that notices his students and will see when they hesitate. I hope he does very very well.
He delt with my small hyperventalation at the waves and tide and we got dive one over. As expected, my tank slide from its holder. BOOOOO. I had forgotten to wet the strap first. D'oh! Fabian held it in place whilst we hiked up the stairs.
This dive had the biggest variety because I had not turned on my go pro. ALWAYS THE WAY

The octopus we saw looked at Matt,our Dive Master and moved away, settled and lifted one middle tentacle as iff it was giving Matt the finger. Classic. The Harliquin starfish was amazing and huge.  Stunning to look at.
At 60 bar, I couldn't control my buoyancy and popped up from 6m to the surface like a candy wrapper in an updraft. (simpsons did it) BAH SO FRUSTRATING.

Break time before dive 2 and with fresh tanks and 2 more extra pounds Fabian did his second training dive. He had to mask flooding and some navigation. He was fine but the new snorkel from Oceanic jammed on him and he started choking on sea water. Recovering, we all descended and after some more skills, we set off and found the biggest bullray hiding in the sand. WOW WOW WOW.

Not all that much else..but after lunch, dive 3 was better.

Can you see the rock cod?
Fabian is certified!!

So he is a 4th generation scuba diver.
Fabian was so enthused he got me to sign him up to the advanced course which is on his next group of holidays and he is even doing wreck diving although, being under 16 he can only dibve to 20m. boo. The deck is 22m so he will be able to get to the deck of the Ex-HMAS Adelaide.

This leads me to my weekend....Next post due to photos..
Fabian wanted to join us but he had sunday commitments..  Ill go with him next sept.


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