Thursday, July 30, 2015

THERE'S your problem

I have watched my weight climb steadily recently. Mostly It has been static since last august at 92/93kg.. High but not going up or down. This coincided with me going in medication for depression. I was even warned that weight gain was a side effect but after months of sable weight, I went on the cruise, made sure I kept busy and went tot he gym daily to attempt to offset the food gluttony.
I have no will power.
Returning from the cruise, my private world was turned upside down and I neglected my exercise. No that was ok for a while but suddenly, I find my weight climbing..

Alcohol, yes..

I eat nuts and a lot.. Hmm yes..

But its 0840hrs on a work day and I am over my calorie intake. Whilst my lack to movement is a contributing factor, its my high calorie food that is doing the most damage. Have to return to my old regime and pull my lazy arse into line. I have lots of money invested in my wardrobe and some are not too tight!! OOOOOOOOOOO

Last night I went through 8 dresses to find one for work today. Bad bad bad omen.

Dug out my fit bit. logged back into the web site and logged all my food for the am.

THERE is MY problem.  SIGH... now, where is the chocolate?

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