Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Excellent customer service

Recently I have been blown away by the excellent service I have received from local dive places.

Its so easy to pick fault but these people did everything possible to make me happy. 

1. Windang Dive - Steve and Donna

As stated in a previous post, Steve gave me a battery to test my faulty dive computer and then arranged accommodation on a weekend that suited me and my shifts. 
Donna, who fitted us in for a Terrigal weekend away before she goes away. Her lovely husband will have to sleep on the way up. (I hope he is coming) She is patient with me and my hesitation in waves and highly professional. No short cuts wit this lady you learn the right way. 
I loved the social time at the shop and wish I lived closer to pop in for a chat. Damn distance. 

2.  Abyss Dive Ramsgate - Peter Letts, who took in my sick VTX and arranged for me to have a loan computer for my weekend diving. He was also going to arrange for it to be attached to my 1st stage for me but I had not brought it. He expressed posted the sick computer to Oceanic and will try to get it back to me by the weekend. A lofty goal. 
He has, also, in the past helped me pay for things over a period of weeks as my son wanted to go on an Advanced course. I can't thank him enough. Fabian will be thrilled to dive again

3. Dive Imports Australia - Mikey - I ordered H an new BCD so we can save money not renting stuff all the time. We only have to dive 10 times to save money. The BCD would not arrive by the weekend so I received a phone call stating the issue and the solution, a pricier BCD for less cost.  H will get his present by Friday (Australia post pending) . I just got a call back the lavacore was not in stock so he replaced them with sharkskin which are pricier just so I don't have to wait.  Amazing service.  

Not dive places but always excellent

4. City Chic Macarthur - The lovely lovely Maryonge. Manager extrodinaire. I love dealing with her. Nothing is a problem and she is always smiling. My size 8 mother goes there to talk to her. She makes everyone welcome.

5. Price attack Macarthur - The hairdressing staff are happy to quote you up front so you don't have the embarrassing situation of not enough money for your new do. They take note of your budget and stay within it at all times. 

6. Picton Post office - Norma, Steve and Tammie - Have looked after me for over 12 years. Allow me to get my mail outside of shop hours if they are there, happy to take in my mail when I am away and allow my mother to collect all of my mail.

Where have you received excellent service?? Did you give them a high five on social media?

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