Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Achilles heel

Looked OK here but OK is not great.
I had some returns to deliver to the shop at Macarthur. I managed to let go two sets of bras and the cowl neck red dress. I was sent two sets the same and one pink set that was tight and biting me. I wanted so much to keep them but the words of wisdom from H prevailed. The red dress didn't suit as it made my wide hips look even wider. I have such lovely work dresses, this was a none starter. I was going to return the cirset belt but I think I need to play with it or hopefully a friend will buy it.

I walked in confidently and determined to not buy anything. I was sure I could do this.

Boy was I wrong. SIGH. In future, I'll send mother or a proxy in my stead as I just can't walk in to City Chic and not layby or by something.
Get the red dress here on sale
The bra I returned.
The bra set I kept was instantly comfortable. I wore the bra from night shift and even after 20 odd hours on, it wasn't hurting. Wonderful bra. 

I saw in my Glam email, the poppy skirt and cop top. I wanted to avoid it but it was front and centre. Ok It can't hurt to try.. can it?

Nah I have this under control. 

The skirt is a heavy satiny/silky material and true to CC sizing. The crop tops are a snug fit. I could possibly get away with my usual XS but it was too tight across my back for my personal comfort. . The S shown above seems a tad large in the poppy crop but with Jeans is totally ok.  I adore the crop tops, the skirt, I dunno. I love it but would I wear it to work? If not then where? Uncertain and suffering sleep debt, I just put them all on lay-by and headed home. I still love the tops though. I wished I had my proper belt.

The skirt can be purchased online here
The crop top black here You can see the open back on the web site.
and crop top poppy here.

Which is you fav?

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