Saturday, August 15, 2015

Not City Chic

Today's dress is NOT from City Chic. Believe it or not, I do shop in other plus sized stores.
Well this is not strictly a plus sized brand but they cater from size 8 (My Mother's size) to size 24 (My old size) I sit in the middle swinging from size 16 to 18 depending on the fit.
The great thing about this store, Long Tall Sally, that sets it apart are two things.
1. They cater for Tall women. The maxi dresses here are even too long for me and my mother takes 2 inches off most dresses and skirts
2. Their customer service is outstanding. They ARE based in the UK, so their hours are UK hours but the staff on the end of the phone are 24/7 and very very helpful. Returns are easy and cheap and we (IN Australia) are NOT paying huge postage prices. Most of the time you get free postage anyway.
3.I finally have dresses and pants that cover my shoes. (I am 174cm) Jeans in OZ are too short for me most of the time.
4. great quality items. Actually superior to my beloved City Chic

Bad things about LTS

1. Prices. Not a cheap brand esp as they base their prices in pounds.
2. SLOOOWWWWW delivery. I mean snail slow. I have things from the USA arrive quicker.
3. You can never quite guess if a dress is going to be tight fitting or not until you try a few items and get a feel for the brand.

My mother shops at LTS instead of the local shops as the last brand she loved treated her shabbily in the store over a lay-by that was 1 week late. The manager attempted to shame my mother in front of the other customers. Luckily my mother is not one to be treated that way. I wrote a long email to the company and did receive an apology.

OK Shitty pics as I STILL have not bought a new battery for my DSLR remote. Sigh.

At Easter I wore this Yellow LTS dress in Size 16. It was tight.. I would size up...

The back is very pretty. Its on sale now.. so grab one whilst its still available. Oh and it creases horribly.. Still sooo pretty....and comfortable. Its on sale here

My mother and I got a few orders.. leggings and misc basics as we are both tall in the leg but this next dress was a big miss.

Drat but can't win them all. Not the dress but the extra 10kg I am carrying atm. Eh... It is a jersey fabric and gripped me in all the wrong places.. This went back. Sizing was fine and its a nice knee length. Just didn't suit me. Its on Sale for $33au here

 Mother liked this in the size 10 model and thought it would suit me. The colour did but the body con style and the jersey material didn't. All the bumps.. If I had gone up a size and worn some under dress corsetry, I would get away with it. Alas, we sent it back for the size 18 but they sent me a totally different dress in mother's size. Ah well she loved it. On sale here

The most recent one, again my mother bought me (As payment for a job) At first it was tight around the middle but I have lost 2kg so it fits better. I have the city chic belt to add an accent but it has ties at the back.

This is todays' Outfit August. I loved the feel of this soft cotton dress. As with a lot of LTS dresses, its far too long on my 174cm frame but I put heels on and strutted my stuff :) 

No stretch in this dress but its going to be a staple for summer I just feel it. It buttons all the way down so you can show as much cleavage or leg as you choose., You can get it here

For my trip to Vegas and the seminars I need to attend I have this beautiful long dress, in the Rasberry as the white has a see through review. Such a shame as I don't have a long white dress. :(
I'll have to take a photo when I get batteries. (Blogger fail) 

Photo from LTS website
This has to be tailored 2 inches shorter!! Still a stunning dress and I hope they sell a blue or red one one day. 

Waiting for this work dress.. 
Photo from LTS website

It was $41 so finally affordable. You can get one here

Have a look and tell me your favourites...

Should I buy the white slinky white dress?? You know I don't mind a bit of flesh showing..

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