Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Oh I hate arvo shift

I am itching to get away. Really.

Has a crap food day, I had an afternoon tea with a close friend and we indulged in caramel cupcakes. HMMMMMMMMMM Too small though..

A work colleague had a mouse cake and shared that around and I had bikkies at home prior to coming to work. OOPS there goes the hard work of the past few weeks.

I can start again tomorrow right???

sigh. I am just weak.

I have a trip in October to be fit for.. my mother has a ball gown picked out even and I have to try to fit into it. **Mental shake**

All good.

My Outfit August for the past few.. well only pics from today's one as I have had Sunday as a house day in tracksuit pants and hoodie and Monday was Jeans and a City Chic top. A lovely flowy white one that was see through so I had to wear a singlet underneath. (YAY for target $4 plain singlet tops)

I was going to post an image of the top but its no longer on the CC web site. BOOOO..

Today then.

Arvo shift, means a nice or acceptable top but jeans are ok. YAY. Semi casual so to speak.

No surprise.. City Chic top, XS on sale, currently $30. 
City Chic Jeans from last year and Boots from some payless shoes but no longer available. BOO they are awesome and comfy.I bought two pairs, one grey and one black. 

Mother update is she is ailing again. The stress of being back at work and being on night shift in winter is not doing her any good. She has lost 6kg in 4 weeks. Not good for a lady now under 54kg. EEP. 

Left foot Right foot Left foot Right foot..

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