Saturday, August 22, 2015

Outfit August 2015 the week that was

I have been attempting to write an Outfit august post all week and yet to find the time.
Monday and Tuesday would have only had one outfit, so I planned to post on Wednesday on my day off. Alas, I spent the day running around after my parent and my chores. Didn't help that I was so tired from midnight finishes that I woke up after noon.
I thought, on Thursday, beauty, I have the whole arvo off but, no, mother came over and took up all of my time. OK, I have Friday, and three hours between appointments so I'll knock one up then.. noooo my appointment took 3 hours and then I remembered dog food. So a quick change and off to my arvo appointment. Not home until after 1900hrs.

I DID manage to get a battery for my remote and get some photos of Thursday's outfit but thats where the images stayed, due to mother's visit.


Here we are at Saturday and I am at work, trying to write some sentences down between trains and work on track.

SOOOOO Here we are.


T-Shirt from Nikki Rockets Size L Ladies
Jeans from City Chic Size 14
Shoes - Target (Old ones)


Everything from City Chic.
The top is $20!! Here
Cardigan is here
Grunge Bootleg Jeans Here

This Kaftan had been in my wardrobe for a few months. I have not had the opportunity to wear it, but today I was wanting pretty but casual. I have the Long Tall Sally Skirt Leggings underneath.  MY size only make a few of each garment for the nationwide stores, around 100 odd pieces, They have a new Kaftan for this year and although I love it, I seem to be on a shopping ban. BOO. You can buy my an XS here though.. Or wear it yourself and rub it in. SIGH.
Long Tall Sally Leggings are here. Very comfy


This dress was purchased for my by my mother. Its Long Tall Sally in a size 16 and on Sale here (UK sizing)
The cardigan is from Nikki Rockets but I don't think they have any more.. (Check though) and the Coat is Hell Bunny from last year's winter range. t came in Burgundy and Black. Its lovely and warm. Its an 3XL and theory it should be swimming on me, but its just the right size so I can't work out their sizing.


Day of Psychoanalysis. I was cold all morning and just couldn't get warm so out came this cozy jumper I got on sale last season from (You guessed it) City Chic. Haven't seen it recently but the USA site may have it for the coming cooler weather. Its soft and cuddly and just makes you feel safe. If you see one, grab it. This is an XS and as you can see its huge on me. Very stretchy. Jeans are also CC, alas no longer available. Theis pair of Jeans have 4 buttons to form a corset, are very soft fabric and stretchy. As my waist is currently larger than the size 14 that I have here, stretchy is good until I get a handle on my weight gain. Boot cut/ Total win except my dog insists on rubbing brown hairs all over me. 


More City Chic.. :)
The top was bought on sale, part of the China Blue collection. There were such pretty tops but who can afford 4 $80 tops?? Not me. I think this was $20. The jacket is two seasons old and the jeans (Not seen) are the same as yesterday.

Thus endth the week :)

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