Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Outfit August Days 4 & 5

These are Tuesday and today, Wednesday. Being work days and me on day shift means corporate clothes. I am hyped by starting my exercise today even if my work keeps providing Mentos and fruit.. Well, the fruit is ok but the Mentos are bad.. Its just so hard to stay off them during quiet times. 

OK. Tuesday was a City Chic dress that is actually my oldest. I still love it to death. Its an XS with a bubble hem. No longer for sale. The jacket is also City chic but in size S due to my increasing Girth and broad peasant shoulders. 

Cute shoes from Modcloth last year.

Today, after acutally doing some exercise which had the expected effect of bring up my confidence.. (Funny that)  I dared a slinky dress. :)

Liz Jordan in size L which I think is a size 16 in UK sizing, but could be an 18 as I am finding 16s a tad tight. Dunno. 
The jacket is City Chic from at least one season ago. 

And wedges are from Target. I love them and have all three colours. Super comfy. Mine are size 9au or size 7 uk. 

The week has been quiet and I am counting the days to the weekend when I get to go back in the water and after, have a quiet weekend at home. (I hope)  

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