Monday, August 3, 2015


So,it been a year since Outfit August. How much has changed, how much is the same.  I don't wear my hell bunny dresses add often as i would like as i have my old body self hatred. It's a constant niggle in my head, not helped by my climbing weight.  See previous posts.  I am trying.  I don't eat too much but the nuts i am using for snacks i think have to be controlled a little more as no one is taking away my cereal. I would rather give up all other foods than lose my morning ritual.  Even coffee can go.

At now 95Kg, I'm struggling to find clothing that fits and still makes me look professional.  I don’t want to buy yet another wardrobe.  I have such pretty dresses.

Day 1 of OUTFIT August was me in a wet suit. As i am always the photographer. . You will have to have a photo of H in much the same clothing.  My wetsuit can be see a few posts back.

The wet suit i have is an iFlex. I should have purchased the iDry  both by Probe, an Australian company.  Nothing wrong with the iFlex,and, with my climbing weight maybe the best choice but it didn't have the fleece that the iDry has so i have to add a thermal so. .. even tighter. . Oooo tight latex. .. neoprene.. whatever.
Mask by Hollis etc etc .
Jeans from City chic, the loose fit that now fitted. .. oh drat the jeans never lie.  And a flowy top from target.   ill recreate all this next weekend as diving again.

Sunday was jeans again and a City Chic top with target slip on shoes.
Classy eh??

Ok Monday i took photos.  The dress is size 14 from Liz Jordan  but it is huge, the crop jacket  is City Chic. I always have purchased a larger size in jackets for my broad shoulders. Thank goodness for that! !

Old Rivers heels and a Hell Bunny Coat  (not pictured as i only need it for the trip home.  It's wintery you know)

What did you wear for this glorious  Monday???


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