Aldi Makeup

The night here is quiet, unlike Friday night.. lol but I finally have a little time to think.
So.. on to the Aldi make-up my mother and I purchased on Wednesday.

Here they are. The brand Lacura is not well known here, least not to me or my make up hoarding mother in law (Two mothers-in-law ago) We used to stick with Lancome or Clinique but my top shelf days are over, as my pockets have holes and so I can't fritter away huge amounts of cash on my make-up. BOOOO

 Lacura is a German brand and although it gets rave reviews for its skin care, its a product that raises ethical issues re its ingredients and its testing. Aldi is tight lipped about all this and so its food for thought. Its generally considered on par with L'Oreal.
I also purchased the cleanser but have yet to test it and Heath burnt the box for the fire. (Cold nights still)

My mother wanted to try changing up her make-up regime and so we thought we would try these.

$10 each from Aldi.

Cleansing Mouse was this one  (In case I forget)

OK I usually use cream foundations of differing colours for contouring, adding definition etc etc etc this is because I am getting old and chemist foundations are $4 or so for the darker colours and I am an Avon lady from way back (Though now I buy from David). Also I have a patch of very dry eczema on my nose bridge that cakes everything and becomes itchy.

The contour palette is powder. I used an eye-shadow brush to layer the highlights over my night shift luggage under my eyes. The yellow colour for redness/blemishes was shimmery.. hmm even after blending it seems to .. well.. shimmer. For a concealer colour this makes it stand out.. Hm the lilac was better. My skin has a yellow tinge so its warmth blended well and I was rosier. without being pink.  The two browns, the contour colour and the "Blush" colour (The bottom right one) I like the contour colour, it made my nose more defined and added a lovely light shadow to my cheeks. The darker colour was too much but someone with a darker complexion than me would use it. I may use it as an eye-shadow..

The eye shadows were long lasting. A good travel selection and they do come with those annoying little paddles. Good for covering tattoos.. pat pat pat it on..

I did a test, slightly heavier than I would usually wear it these days. My youth is another time.. LOL. 

Basic Avon foundation and the contour kit

Closer up of the eye shadow grey palette
 I played with the greys. You can see I mucked up the top but that's OK. The shadow didn't cake or shift. It stayed as I placed it for several hours so I am happy to use this for my work shadow.
You can also see in photo 2 above the contouring of my cheek bones, This is the lighter brown colour with a light dusting of the darker brown. My make-up survived some light sweat and a lot of box moving. ( AND you can't see my eczema!)

Will I change to this ? Nah, I still prefer cream but this is great for travel and I will keep both palettes handy for heading off to work when I have no time to do my face before the train. I am now more open minded about powder contour packs.

Good colours
Long lasting
Powders so good for travel
Great for concealing!

Yellow is shimmery needs lots of blending
Powder so a little dry. Can settle in creases but blending out will fix easily.

Aldi brand of questionable ethic. (See below)

More Pros than Cons...

Aldi - Hmm I'm in two minds..  but here are some negatives

It has come under fire for poor working condition of some of its suppliers. (Source)
It reduces prices (Win) but forces Coles and Woollies to match so... Suppliers in Australia are having to be cheaper and some can't compete (We had to sell up) This sounds great to the end consumer, but less farmers, less home grown  foods and less jobs.
Aldi don't hire a lot of people to start with and they cause smaller local business to close up in small towns.
How much profit stays in Australia? Who knows? The company is not saying and its not required. Child labour has been noted as being used by suppliers as well (Source) .
Aldi is also doing nothing to ensure its labour force (Overseas) have enough income to live. (Source)

And some positives

Never uses Plastic Bags
Has a sustainable Seafood policy except Ocean Rise which still uses Yellow Finned tuna (At risk)
Aldi have not sold cage eggs since 2006. All eggs are from free range hens.
They have a battery recycle program. (Alas not my local Aldi)
The company donates to Drinkwise Australia, a not for profit outfit attempting to bring about a healthier and safer drinking culture to Australia

And lastly Dick Smith's Rant on Aldi


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