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OO Finally a blog hop to replace the defeunct Aussie Curves. I miss doing them alhough I only did every two or three. I loved the community and never really managed the lovely Alternative Curves one. (I love reading the posts !)

Last night I bleached the pink out of my Lagoon blue hair and tried pastel blue. I had two boxed and still ran out. ARGH my pastel is only half done but here you are. My ode to pastel blue for spring.
I'll do another two packets next day off.

Hair colour before

Lets try some pastel!

Bleaching.. Trialling a new bleach
OK.. not quite blue enough

I worn blue this am before having a waredrobe malfunction, and changing 10 mintues before I had to scurry for the station. My favourite blue dress is actually on loan so I chose an old one from my collection. Alas I had forgotten how short it was (Being a tunic) . This wasnt the malfunction.

I was in Coles getting milk when my belt decided to let go. GRRRR This didn't help things.
It was easier to just get home and throw on another dress (A longer one and more professional)

Monday was more successful attempt at Blue
Dress - size 18 in Cobalt
This was FARRRRR too short. 
Tunic - Old City chic from last year.
Belt - Last month City chic no longer on web site. 
(Ugh you can see I had not done my hair yet)

I bent over for the milk and realised.. NOOO too short for work :)

Pastel hair.. Part 1 :)

Have a great Week and please! Play in the blog hop :)


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