Thursday, September 3, 2015

Busy bee

And not helped by the internet failing. ARGH!! The street had a cable fail so a lot of houses has lost the internet. Mind you, for some reason Heath had internet. HMMMMMMMM. No Idea.

We were supposed to go to diving this weekend. Heath and I were going to complete our deep diving.
Spent Thursday going to Parramatta to meet the lovely Aniseh to lend her a dress. (She looked amazing BTW in the dress) She handed me a beautiful kaftan from her store. Its so pretty. 

Image from My Size

We had some items to get whilst in Parramatta and then off home.
The am had a removalist turn up to take the piano to its new home. A girl got an antique and I got my lounge room back. Win win. 

Friday was a relaxing day. We had been going to stay at Prodive Terrigal but Ben and Drue were happy to take the lost souls in, so we cancelled our booking and headed to Maitland after our chores at Macarthur. (Booze shopping) 
Macathur was insane. I have never seen it so busy short of Xmas shopping time. Madness. 
Filled the boot with booze and headed north. 
A short stop at Maccas Gosford was another challenge in crowd tollerance. GRRRRR.Heath introduced me to the Walnut muffin. OOOOOOO yum yum yum but only half was enough. Lots of calories... 
We goto Ben and Drue's late arvo. Drue was not home yet but Ben had a wonderful Lamb leg roasting. It was lovely to catch up. 

Poor Drue, he arrived home so very sick. He was grey coloured. He headed for the loungeroom and made a nest. We joined him soon enough and after a wonderfully tasty dinner, watched Black books and played Cards against humanity.  Heath won (again) It was now late for us middle aged people so the household settled in for the night. 
Heath was out and about long before Ben and me. Drue has hauled himself off to work at some stupid time. 
Ben and I finally got up and when H came back, we all headed for Ben's fav cafe. 
I trusted him and tried his recommendation, overriding my OCD to have cereal/Museli in the am. 

Lovely flowers on the tables
Sigh. As always, when you recommend something, the cafe will stuff it all up. They did. The food would have been awesome except that the poached eggs were hard. All of us had hard eggs.

Oh well. We will give them another chance another time. 
 Our conversation with Ben had inspired everyone to find paint colours for my loungeroom. ONWARDS TO THE PAINT PLACE!!!
Playing with colour is both exciting and frustrating. The shops have crappy lighting and so you pick up the colour swatches you THINK match your vision, go outside and its all wrong, Sigh. Still, time to redo the lounge room. (And one day, finish the bedroom) 

Home again (At Maitland) and Drue joined us. He was still sick. He headed to bed and Ben, Heath and I tackled his kitchen. Soon after, Drue's parents arrived, We had just put away the last of the dishes when they pulled up. 
We all settled outside and had coffee and a long natter. Perfect afternoon. 

Ben, Drue and Heath all headed for an afternoon nap, so I gave up and did too. Ben was going out and we were invited to join them. 

The evening was quite a change for quiet old me. 
Firat to a pub for a drink before heading to the restaurant for Matt, a friend of Ben's , birthday. The place was so super busy, it took almost an hour to be served after being given menus. There was a horribly roudy bunch of people in the restauranrt and your couldn't yell even get the person across from you to pay attention to even sign language a conversation. Ugh. 

Finally, orders up, and another 40 odd minutes before the food appeared. Shame...The food was not worth the wait.
Ben's Crab balls were still frozen in the centre
My cashew chicken was ok but soooooo sugary.
Heath's green curry was all spice and sugar and no real flavour and the guy across from Heath (Sorry didn't get his name) soldiered through his salt and pepoer squid until giving up with three pieces left. We tried it and it was salt salt salt.. No pepper and the coating was powdery. The red curry that the birthday boy. Matt, had was acceptable, but frankly I would never bother with this Thai place again.

The youngen's headed for their karaoke at the Gateway Hotel and we stayed down stairs at the Das Hund Haus as Heath wanted a 1L stein (Probably to wash away the salt and sugar in his dinner) I preferred an icecream at Cold rock. Yum!!!! Cookie  dough. LOVE IT.

We wandered up later to join the boys via all the antique shops. I found some pens I want to but I was hobbled by ..
1. No money to my name
2. the shop was closed.

Trust me, had the shop been open I would have begged to get them.  Sigh

We found the most amazing clock!!! I was stunned at its awesomeness... Someone buy this for me,.,. (or the pens)

The gateway hotel was busy but its Saturday so, where else would the young ones be but at a watering hole. 
I was anxious at first but Ben got up for a drink and I stole his little space and was instantly at peace,. The Karaoke was actualy pretty good. There were people who could sing and I found myself singing along to a lot of the songs. 

The drag show was very cool. I had the best time, but I am not 18, or 28 and by midnight I was cactus. My yawns were not able to be stifled so, H and I bailed and headed for Drue's place. Poor Drue has stayed home as he was so very sick. 

Arriving at Drue's we found an alarm was going off in the kitchen.. Drue slumbered on...

Finally he woke up when Cooper started barking and was next to him. This man could sleep through a cyclone. Lol.
OK…..I’ll start a new post this is getting too rambly and not enough photos. )

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