Thursday, September 10, 2015

Clothing update - Photo dump

I didn't post my last Outfit August last week.. BOOOOOO wasn't particularly exciting.. but I'll put the photos here anyway

Nothing new above, until this week I have been honouring my no buy promise. It fell apart due to to the lovely Lolly I saw her in this dress and I dropped everything and rushed to find one. It will be too short, I don't care.. I HAVE to have this. Its a piece that screamed Yvonne..I got the UK 18 although I usually wear a 16, one size up isn't a big deal and as I have no idea how it would fit, I felt up is better than not buying it. (OK NOT buying it SHOULD have been an option, ).

The past week or so has been mostly jeans and a top, I have been on so many lift ups (Stepping back through the clock) Its a miracle that I manage to be fully dressed at all.


Detail of top.

Old City Chic top bought on sale last year - XS
Old City Chic Jeans Also last year. - 14 (CC 14 which is a USA size)


Target top size L and same jeans as before. The belt was from a stall at Macarthur square. He has lots of buckles and I will be getting more one day.

Wednesday! - Day shift so we move to corporate clothing

Long Tall Sally Multi strip twist dress.  UK size 16. Unlined skirt but bodice is lined. Go figure. This made the skirt floaty but staticy so it clung to me at times. The cover up is one my mother purchased for me last year from Noni B (I think) The reviews of the dress has me hesitating as the consencious is that the waist is wrong but as you can see, on my 174cm frame, the waist falls pefectly. :) I am thrilled with my $41 purchase.

That really ended my working week as, wednesday I developed the worst flu. Heachy and couldn't stop my red raw nose from running. SOOO Sexy.. Trouble is, Wednesday is date night! WHAAA

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