Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dress haul

The past few weeks have seen some dresses for Summer arrive. I got a huge pile this am when Fabian was acting as door man. Totally winnning as I could stay in bed with a coffee :)

My haul earlier last week was.. (They come fromt he UK so orders get seperated. )

I sent back the dotted dress,. its an OCD nightmare. Pretty but I found it wasn't flattering to my shape and the dots. OMG the dots.. ASOS have pity..

Nothing lines up!!

This is a size UK18. You can find it here.

The fun Dr Zuess dress was perfect for my trip to Wagga Wagga. Its short skirt showed my legs and it was sooo comfortable. Heath and David appreciated it :)

At $58 AU it is a bargain as it is soo unique. Its found here, A better review is found here by the lovely Lolly 

The 1970's  dress I have not worn yet besides trying it on.

Its so warm atm.. Have to love Spring!!

The next parcel I attemtped to do a video.. :) Alas its in two parts and the other video is on my camera. OOO I hope I got it in focus etc etc. Now I need some free video editing programs., Any ideas????

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